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Learn SQL for Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics w/ MySQL Workbench (apply to SQL Server, Oracle, PL/SQL)

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“Clear presentation of information and with enough repetition of important SQL concepts to help make the information memorable. Loved the frequent practice examples and code debugging exercises!”

– Maggi M.

“I totally loved this Free! Everything was very easy to understand, but it moved at a fast enough pace that I never got bored. I learned SO much about MySQL and had fun doing it. In fact, at the end of the day I didn’t want to stop learning — I wanted to keep charging on to the next lesson!”

– Ann S.

“John’s deep understanding of SQL and database analysis and ability to explain those tools to a newcomer with 0 experience, is really unmatched. I’ve taken other SQL and MySQL courses and tried reading books, but this Free is by far the easiest way to understand SQL. Excited to see more courses from John!”

– Steven M.


SQL and MySQL are incredibly powerful tools for managing and analyzing relational databases, and a skill that every Analyst and Business Intelligence professional should have in the arsenal.

In this Free, you’ll play the role of a business owner who just acquired Maven Moviesa brick and mortar DVD rental shop. Using only a MySQL database and MySQL Workbench, your mission is to learn everything that you can about your new business; including your inventory, staff, and customer behavior.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ll be right here to guide you from start to finish, sharing crystal clear explanations, MySQL pro tips and best practices, and Free quizzes, projects and homework assignments to test your SQL and database analysis skills along the way.




IMPORTANT NOTE: This Free does NOT cover buildingalteringor maintaining SQL/MySQL databases. Our goal here is to focus on data exploration and database analysis using MySQL and MySQL Workbench (we’ll cover database administration tools in a separate Free).



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  • 5+ hours of high-quality video
  • Downloadable MySQL ebook
  • Quizzes and homework assignments
  • Mid-Free and Final SQL projects
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If you’re looking for a hands-on, practical guide to mastering data analysis with SQL/MySQLthis is the Free for you!


Happy analyzing!

-John (Lead SQL Instructor & MySQL Expert, Maven Analytics)


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