VSD – Library characterization and modelling

VLSI – The heart of STA, PNR, CTS and Crosstalk

VSD Library characterization and modelling Part 1
VSD Library characterization and modelling Part 1
What you’ll learn
  • Understand timing, noise and power libraries syntax and semantics
  • Develop models for logic gates and macros
  • Use the above-generated models and do STA
  • Full knowledge on circuit design and SPICE simulations
  • Full knowledge of a custom layout
  • Nice to have knowledge of Physical design, Static timing analysis, Noise & Crosstalk and Clock tree synthesis
  • You can refer to my existing courses or any other external material, but knowledge about above all is a must

If you are an STA engineer or PNR engineer or CTS engineer or, in general, a physical designer or Synthesis engineer, you must have definitely come across the word ‘Library’. This Free explains you, in detail, what it exactly means.

You can call Library as the soul and heart of Semiconductor industries. Without them, you can’t have single-chip out. Without the knowledge of Libraries, all other courses are incomplete.

Guess what, you are on the right page. This Free gives a comprehensive overview of characterization techniques and advanced modelling of circuits for modern and advanced nodes.

Not only that, you will see what goes behind designing a simple single input inverter. The gates like inverter, buffer, AND, OR are all called as cell, and you will be amazed to see how are the represented in real IC design.

This Free is designed in collaboration with leading characterization company Paripathwho have designed the state-of-the-art characterization software called GUNA

I would like to Thank the complete Paripath team for helping me in designing experiments for this Free. This Free is motivated by the desire to fill the gap on characterization and modelling


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Get in right now and have an unforgettable journey of your life…

Happy Learning!!

Who this Free is for:
  • Research professionals
  • Graduate students
  • Circuit and PDK designers
  • Characterization engineers
  • CAD developers
  • Managers, Mentors and the merely curious
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