SQL Server Administration (Mock Internship Program Part1) Udemy Free Download

Ge the ‘experience’ you desperately need for a SQL Server Administration job by taking this Free.

SQL Server Administration Mock Internship Program Part1
SQL Server Administration Mock Internship Program Part1
What you’ll learn
  • At this end of the Free, the student will have the necessary ‘experience’ in managing, configuring, installing, deploying, and creating a SQL Server environment to enhance the knowledge gained by the 7 courses.
  • All students taking this Free MUST have the 7 requisite courses; those courses are: Learn T-SQL, SQL Admin part 1,2,3, SSRS part 1, SSIS, and SSRS part 2. You can use a desktop or a laptop with Windows operating system. All material and software will be provided via trial downloads. DO NOT TAKE THIS Free IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN THE 7 COURSES, UNLESS YOU KNOW SQL ADMINISTRATION.

The following ‘Mock Internship Program Part 1’ has been created and designed specifically to answer the question ‘How do I get a job without experience, and how do i get experience without a Job’?  The following Free will provide that missing gap by giving the students an opportunity to manage, design, and configure the SQL Server by having the student themselves take on the role of a SQL DBA, and actually produce results by executing projects, tasks, and taking on responsibilities that are conducted on a day to day or weekly basis.  This in turn will give the student confidence, encouragement and a sense of direction to what exactly is expected from a SQL DBA, thus increasing his/her chances of getting an opportunity in the IT industry.

Who this Free is for:
  • This Free is specifically designed for students that have taken all 7 courses mentioned above. It is targeted for those students that are aware of SQL Administration, Reporting Services, and Integration Services. If you’re not aware of these technologies, don’t take this Free, unless you are aware of SQL Administration.
SQL Server Administration (Mock Internship Program Part1) Free Download

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