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Shell Scripting Linux / Unix: Bash Scripting / Programming AWK and SED using commands line

This “Shell Scripting, AWK, and SED for Linux/Unix Command Line” Free provides good topics on shell scripting, AWK, and SED to work efficiently on Linux/Unix systems.

Why learn Shell Scripting

  • To work efficiently on Linux/Unix System
  • Requires for Software Development/Maintenance
  • Automation of tasks
  • Better management of the system
  • Efficient System Admin/Support activity
  • Command-line interface for software application/product
  • Well prepared for the interview

Managing the system is very important activity for any organization business. Similarly all application require simple interface to use and big real time solutions require 24 hour support for lot of different tasks. This requires systematic way of doing the tasks to manage the systems and solutions efficiently. Big businesses require continuous improvement to manage these tasks efficiently. Linux and Unix system provides lot of commands to do all but at the same time it requires automate as much possible to manage the operational tasks efficiently.

Shell scripting, AWK and SED command provides wonderful way to use the Linux and Unix system to automate the complex tasks in programmatic way. The shell script helps in lot of tasks – managing system, timely operations, production support for big solutions, release and update of software projects, interfaces for application. It provides all in a simple manner and easy to understand for any developer/admin, so that future maintenance is also easy. The Free covers following topics-

  • Introduction to Shell Scripting
  • Decisions
  • Loops
  • Command Line Parameters
  • Functions
  • Array
  • SED
  • AWK

This “Learn Shell Scripting, AWK, and SED on Linux/Unix” tutorial explain different features of Shell scripting, AWK, SED and shows simple implementation. The Free develops the shell scripting understanding in steps by providing an explanation and immediate implementation. The Free has simple and useful examples that will be helpful in the development/maintenance of shell scripting projects.

In this shell scripting Free, I have used free Fedora on Oracle Virtual Box as an environment but it can be done on any Linux and Unix system with shell and small changes as applicable for that shell.

What Students Say-

“This shell scripting Free doesn’t waste any time. The lessons are on point and accurate. ”


“Detailed explanation and easy to understand examples. Deserves a 5 star.”

“Its very interesting and explanation was very good.and its easy even if you are new to shell scripting. ”

“Pretty good and clearly explained. ”

“Great explanations and good practical examples. ”

“Simply awesome Free. Had struggled a lot to understand awk and sed concepts online. This Free cleared all my doubts and i feel so confident in these concepts now.”

“Free overview on bash scripting was well done and covered SED and AWK which was welcomed to learn. I would encourage anyone taking Free to go through whole Free before making any premature judgement as bash usage examples got much better going further into Free. ”

“Free is very effective for beginners. let me know if you have more courses on advance scripting.”

“I enrolled in the Free with the intention and goal to learn shell scripting since it is used quite a bit in my line of work and found this Free to be very helpful in achieving my goal.

In my opinion, this Free is for beginner or intermediate level people who would like to be introduced to Linux shell scripting and automation. Suresh gives good examples and line by line explanation of the code that is shared and that is quite beneficial.”


This Bash Scripting, AWK and SED Free will be expanded soon, some of the topics that will be added are-

  • Handling options
  • Debugging

This Free will be updated with adding new topics and existing topics will be provided in detail to have good understanding of Shell Programming to build the technical strength and shape your career.

This “Learn Bash Scripting, AWK and SED on Linux/Unix” online Free on udemy is already helping lot of students. Also it will be a good complement to any book/tutorial.


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