NET Core 3.1 Web API & Entity Framework Core Jumpstart Udemy Free Download

Build the back-end of a .NET Core 3.1 web application with Web API, Entity Framework Core & SQL Server in no time!

The .NET Core framework is getting better and better and more important in the web development world nowadays.

Almost every request I get for new web development projects is asking for knowledge in .NET Coreincluding Web API and Entity Framework Core.

So, knowing the fundamentals of back end web development with .NET Core can be highly beneficial to your career. And that’s where this Free comes in.

In a short period of time, you will learn how to set up a Web APImake restful calls to this Web API and also save data persistently with Entity Framework CoreCode-First Migrationa SQL Server & SQLite database, and all three types of relationships in this database.

We will get right to the point, you will see every single step of writing the necessary code and by the end of this Free, you will have what it takes to say ‘yes’ to all the .NET Core project requests from any recruiter.

The only tools you need in the beginning are Visual Studio Code and Postman – both are available for free.

We will use Visual Studio Code for our implementations and Postman to make calls to the Web API. Both tools are available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. And since .NET Core is cross-platform, you can follow this Free on any of these operating systems. (I know, Microsoft and cross-platform, it still surprises me, too.)

Later, we will also utilize SQL Server Express and the SQL Server Management Studio to manage our database. These are also available for free.

By the end of this Free, we will also have a look at how to configure the web application to use a SQLite database and also seed data for that database.

The back end application we’re going to build is a small text-based role-playing game where different users can register (we’re going to use JSON web tokens for authentication) and create their own characters like a mage or a knight, add some skills and a weapon, and also let the characters fight against each other to see who is the best of them all.

Your Instructor

My name is Patrick and I will be your instructor for this Free. I’m a web developer for over a decade now, I have worked for big corporations and small teams, as an employee and a contractor and I just love to see the way Microsoft is going with .NET Core and how important it gets day by day.

To this date, I was able to run five courses on web development here on Udemy about ASP.NET, single-page applications, and Angular, with a total of over 45.000 unique students and about 4.000 reviews.

If you have any questions, feel free to connect.


And if you still have any doubts, you have a 30-day money-back guaranteeno questions asked.

So, I hope you’re ready for your new skills and your new projects! 😉

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Free!


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