Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps) Udemy Free Download

The simplest way to learn C# programming.

Learn C Programming In Ten Easy Steps
Learn C Programming In Ten Easy Steps
What you’ll learn
  • Master C# programming concepts from the ground up
  • Use the source code examples to learn step-by-step
  • Understand the special features of C#: object orientation, the .NET framework, error-handling, serialization
  • Visual Studio (either the free Community edition or a commercial edition). We explain how to download and install this in the Free.

Learn C# Programming (in ten easy steps) [Version 2] is suitable for beginner programmers or anyone with experience in another programming language who needs to learn C# from the ground up. Step-by-step it explains how to write C# code to develop Windows applications using either the free Visual Studio Community Edition or a commercial edition of Microsoft Visual Studio (it even explains how to write C# programs using free tools for OS X). This is the completely revised and updated second version of this Free.

C# is one of the most widely used and important of all modern programming languages. If you need to learn C# quickly and painlesslythis is the perfect Free.

You will begin by learning the core features of programming – variables, constants, functions, and data types. You will move on rapidly to learn about Object Orientation and the more advanced features of C# and the .NET framework such as file-handling, data-streaming, dealing with exceptions (errors), and overriding methods. Even if you start out as a complete beginner, by the end of this Free you will have built a really solid foundation of programming knowledge and skills.

All the source code of sample projects is provided ready for you to download, run, and modify. The Free also includes an eBook that provides even more information on the topics being discussed. And there are also interactive quizzes to test your understanding of each major topic.

The Free instructor, Huw Collingbourneis Director of Technology with SapphireSteel Software, a company that specializes in Visual Studio development tools (written in C#) for professional programmers.

Learn C# Programming (in ten easy steps) is the fastest and simplest way to help you make the move from coding novice to a professional programmer. The first version of this Free was launched in 2012. The current version has been completely re-made and expanded with numerous new lessons. As an added bonus, the complete version 1 of the Free (almost 4 additional hours of video instruction) is also included as a free download.

Who this Free is for:
  • Beginners – if you’ve never coded before, you can learn C# step by step
  • Programmers switching to C# from some other language such as Ruby, Python, C or Java
Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps) Free Download

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