To-Do App & Clean Architecture – Android Development

Develop a Fully Functional To-Do app in Kotlin – ROOM, Navigation Component, LiveData, ViewModel, Data Binding, and more.

What you’ll learn
  • Basic knowledge about Android Development

  • Basic knowledge about Android Architecture Components

  • This Free is NOT for Absolute Beginners


So this Free will be a little different from my previous ones because in this Free we are going to build a fully functional To-Do application. We are going to build our app using Kotlin programming language, and you’ll see all the benefits and power of a concise way of programming with Kotlin. Our To-Do app will combine different android architecture components like Navigation Component, ROOM database, LiveData, ViewModel, Data Binding, and more…


You will learn how to follow the principle of single activity and multiple fragments in your app. You will learn how to use Navigation Component in your app, how to work with Safe Args to pass data between fragments, and also create custom made Transition Animations for your destinations.

So why is a To-Do app important, well first and foremost because it teaches you how to build and maintain a database, how to write SQL queries to insert, update, delete data from the database, but also how to write custom queries to search through Database, Sort your database by certain criteria and display it in the proper way to your RecyclerView.

Also, we are going to have a clean architecture in our project, you will learn how to organize your project structure and maintain good code readability.

Also, I need to mention that this Free is NOT for ABSOLUTE beginners in android development. Because this Free assumes that you already have a basic knowledge of programming in Kotlin and basic knowledge of android architecture components.

But if you wish to continue improving your skills and building your knowledge furthermore then this Free is definitely the right option for you.

Who this Free is for:
  • Android Developers
  • Android Developers – Kotlin
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about developing a fully functional Application
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