The Basics of Blockchain & HyperLedger Fabric Udemy Free Download

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What you’ll learn
  • You will be a very clear understanding of HyperLedger Fabric

  • You will be able to think about use cases of HyperLedger Fabric

  • Describe what a blockchain is and how information is stored on it

  • Compare centralized and distributed ledgers and identify the benefits and drawbacks of each approach

  • Identify the characteristics of a blockchain that make them ideally suited to serve as a distributed ledger

  • Describe the technique of cryptographic hashing and how it applies to blockchains

  • The purpose of smart contracts

  • Contrast ledger types, list cryptographic hash function properties and compare contract types

  • List the characteristics of smart contracts and how they compare with traditional contracts


Blockchains are both a trendsetting tool and a transformative technology. In this introductory Free, learn what blockchains are and the conceptual details which power this appealing technology and how they apply to enterprises.

Familiarize yourself with critical concepts such as distributed ledgers, cryptographic hashing, and smart contracts, while being introduced to the popular Hyperledger frameworks, which involve several different components, each with their own specialized function and constantly communicating with each other.

By the end of this Free, you will have a firm theoretical understanding of what Blockchains are, and why they offer such an appealing solution for enterprises to record their transaction data.

The Basics of Blockchain & HyperLedger Fabric Download

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