Security Data Visualization Udemy Free Download

Learn Security Visualization by Examples- Multiple Technology Introductions for Both Visualization and Data Collection

Security Data Visualization
Security Data Visualization
What you’ll learn
  • Security Visualization Basics, Security Data Sources, Security Use-Cases
  • How to Collect Data From Network, From Operating System and Other Points
  • Microsoft’s Secret Weapon for Log Parsing for All Kind of Log Files Including Event Logs
  • Detailed Examination of Display Types and Properties Which Are Useful for the Visualization of Security Data
  • Most Useful Interaction Techniques When Dealing With Security Use-Cases
  • Technologies in a Nutshell- Quick Starter Guide and Exercises for Most Relevant Technologies Including TcpDump, WinDump and WireShark
  • Lists of Related Academic Studies and Scientific Reading Materials for Some Topics
  • Format and Attribute Descriptions From Security Protection Systems and Network Data
  • Most Useful Python Data Structures and Data Operations To Be Used When Preparing Data For Visualization
  • Applied Lectures to Immediately Install and Start Visualization with Python
  • Introduction to JavaScript Visualization Libraries for JavaScript Lovers
  • Downloadable Code and Exercise Files and Associated Sample Data Including Network Traffic Data, Modern Honey Network Data, IIS Log, OSSEC Log Data, DDOS Network Traffic Data, and Malware Associated Domains List
  • Security Data Formats Standards Information Including W3C, Common Event Expression, SysLog and Many Others

Learn Security Visualization by Examples.

The objectives of this Free include :

Who this Free is for:
  • Computer Engineers and Scientists Who Want to Learn More About Visualization
  • Computer Engineers and Scientists Who Want to Learn More About Information/Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security /Information Security Analysts Trying to Improve Their Data Analysis Methods
  • Visualization Experts Who Want to Focus on Security Field
  • Security Visualization Newbies Seeking for The Gaps
  • Security Visualization Scientists Trying to Select Best Display Types
  • Students Who Wants to Learn Out Ways to Better Visualize Their Data
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