Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266 Udemy Free Download

Learn Micro Python, ESP8266, Home Automation, Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Actuators: Relay

MicroPython Mega Free Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266
MicroPython Mega Free Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266
What you’ll learn
  • Program IoT devices using MicroPython (Python for Microcontrollers)
  • Build IoT
  • Sensor Interfacing with ESP8266: Light, Temperature and Humidity Sensing
  • Actuator Interfacing with ESP8266
  • Hardware (Electronics) Interfacing
  • Use IoT Cloud to Upload Data (Collect)
  • Use IoT Cloud to Apply Condition (Analysis)
  • Act on IoT Data (Act)
  • Curious and Ready to Learn

Learn MicroPython from Scratch, No prior programming knowledge is required.

In this Free, you will learn to Program ESP8266 with Micro Python Programming Language to

  1. Access GPIOs (Blinking LEDs, Using Pull Up resistors, Interfacing Button)
  2. Handle Interrupts
  3. Use Inbuilt Analog to Digital Converter
  4. Read Temperature, Light, Humidity Sensors (LDR, LM35, DHT)
  5. Manipulate Environment with Actuators
  6. Upload Data to IoT Cloud
  7. Read Data from IoT Cloud
  8. Control Devices using IoT Data
  9. Implement Home Automation



Who this Free is for:
  • Beginner with little or no prior knowledge of electronics & programming curious about designing IoT systems themselves
MicroPython Mega Free: Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266 Download

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