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Learn how to design a logo by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Logo Designer! 21+ Years Experience!

Vector Logo Design in Affinity Designer
Vector Logo Design in Affinity Designer
What you’ll learn
  • Discover why vector is paramount to awesome, effective logo design.
  • Follow a comprehensive client brief delivering total satisfaction.
  • Construct a mood board based upon reference material and use it to develop designs.
  • Mind Map to generate awesome ideas to apply to your logo designs
  • Discover the manual material used in the sketching process.
  • Prepare sketches ready for the scanner of camera.
  • Understand the art of sketching and how we execute ideas on paper.
  • Discover how we add extra meaning to symbols to develop awesome logos.
  • Master every primary vector tool in Affinity Designer
  • Navigate around all Affinity Designer panels and menus with ease.
  • Wield the pen tool like a pro, mastering nodes and segments.
  • Design almost anything in vector in Affinity Designer.
  • Marry text like professionally with the logo design symbol.
  • Kern text properly for ultimate logo design aesthetics.
  • Place and setup taglines for the ultimate presentation and legibility.
  • Apply colour meaningfully and effectively to finish off a fantastic looking logo.
  • Speak to me at any time, to show me your work and / or ask a question in the Q&A!
  • Affinity Designer is required for Mac or Windows. Free Trial available for Mac.
  • Scanner or digital camera / iPad / tablet camera is preferable to photo sketches to trace.
  • Pencil, paper & eraser.

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*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020! ***


Do you want to discover how professionals design PROPER logos with minimal hassle and learning?

I’m Daniel Evans.

I’m a multi award winning, published logo designer and I earn my living designing logos and the majority of every penny I’ve ever made has came from logo design.

I’m going to teach you the entire steps of professional logo design from concept to finished, digitised product using Affinity Designer!

From start to finish, leaving no stones unturned! We’re going to explore every tool and primary feature in Affinity Designer which we’ll use to weave solid business brands that make good money!

From the ground up, you’re going to discover every step as we explore extraction of concept from mind to masterpiece!

If you want to learn the tricks of professional logo design in Affinity Designer and amaze people with your skills, I can have you achieve this lightening quick!

Those who succeed take the next step! Those who succeed, find that it’s easy!

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Who this Free is for:
  • Beginners who haven’t used Affinity Designer.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn the process of professional logo design.
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