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Terraria, an Awesome 2D Platform Game


This Re-Logic Games follows in the footsteps of the phenomenally popular Minecraft game. The game uses randomly generated worlds made of blocks, but unlike the 3D exploration style of Minecraft, players are put in a world of adventure. 

While gameplay is simple, the engaging in-game world is what gives Terraria Full its depth. Much of the game is under constant development, including new randomly generated areas, the ability to build your own bases and fend off enemy attacks. Boss enemies throughout the world drop great items, giving players incentive to build stronger bases. Just as Minecraft quickly became a social game, Terraria can also be a multiplayer experience. You can play with friends on a server or join the wider world and make new connections. Jumping to a search engine can help you find tons of servers made by other players with great minds for world management. The Terraria community is also large and active, giving access to updates, tips, tricks and other players to join while exploring the world within the game. 

The game uses three modes to give you a different feel of how to play the game:

  • Hardcore: When you die, the game is over. Your character is dead, your stuff is gone and your money is gone.
  • Mediumcore: Your items and money are gone when you die.
  • Softcore: You keep your items, but your money is lost on death.
Getting items and exploration is the name of the game, but the file size is not at all imposing. If you don’t have a gaming machine, don’t worry; Terraria’s gameplay is beautiful without being demanding at all on your computer/phone. If you do want to upgrade your system for new games, consider looking through many of the wonderful mods available for Terraria. You can add new things to your game such as new graphics, sounds, special items, pre-built buildings and many more great things developed by creative players. 


Beautiful 16-bit style. Some call it a throwback, but others just call it lovely. Wonderful exploration and customization through great items. The same creative spark as Minecraft, but in a 2D setting.


The 2D style limits creativity a bit. While the style is nice for what it is, it inevitably has greater limitations than a 3D environment such as that in Minecraft. Some users may find themselves wanting more to explore. Source:

Terraria APK Full

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